Pimpernel Placemats, Jason Place Mats, Plymouth Tablemats

Cork backed placemats and Pimpernel placemats

Traditional style tablemats

Complete range of traditional cork backed placemats from the leading place mat brands including Pimpernel, Plymouth Pottery and Jason. These cork backed tablemats have a hardboard centre and the heat-treated surface is either a melamine or hard lacquer. The base of the place mats has a soft cork backing which will protect your dining table. The cork backed range includes a vast array of different designs to cater for every dining room or kitchen. Choose from a range which includes floral themes, animal designs or contemporary patterns.

Plymouth Pottery Vino Italiano Cork backed placemats and Pimpernel placemats

Melamine placemats

Durable, made in the UK

British made melamine placemats have a very high heat resistance of greater than 140C and are suitable for restaurant or catering environments where a harder wearing surface is needed. Also ideal for domestic settings where these melamine tablemats will last for many years. Usually the base is cork backed, but some mats are available with a soft felt backing. A wide range of melamine placemat designs including the JoLoMo placemats - Set 1 are available from Castle Melamine and a traditional single colour range from Plymouth Pottery, the Pro range which is designed for the catering industry.

Pimpernel placemats

Cork backed Pimpernel placemats

Pimpernel, from Stoke on Trent, has been making cork backed placemats and coasters for over 80 years and is a brand leader in both placemat design and product quality. Pimpernel placemats are heat, stain and scuff resistant and are a perfect choice for everyday use. They are also ideal for adding a touch of style to a formal dinner party. Pimpernel have a wide range of designs to select from, both traditional floral and landscape themes to contemporary modern placemats. From the regular, standard size tablemats as sets of six, to the larger Continental size placemats packed as sets of four, with cork backed coasters in sets of six.

Harbour Scenes cork backed Pimpernel placemats

Animal designs, including Pimpernel placemats

Cork backed placemats with animals

Plymouth Pottery Hungry Cats Animal designs including corked backed Pimpernel placemats

Animal themes are a popular feature of placemat design and we carry a wide range of animal placemats from Plymouth Pottery, Lady Clare, Jason and Pimpernel, including the Wrendale tablemats range. The bestselling Plymouth Pottery Hungry Cats placemats are also available to order as a cork backed placemat, along with matching cork backed coasters. Many bird placemats also appear frequently in the range, such as the Jason Heron design. Animal placemats are typically found as part of the melamine or hard lacquer tablemats produced by the leading manufacturers.

Large placemats

Large size Jason and Pimpernel placemats

Continental style large placemats, cork backed table mats from Pimpernel and Jason. These tablemats measure around the 40 x 30 cm size and are usually packed as sets of four. This is the size found in dining rooms in Europe and the USA. The large placemats designs are generally also available in the regular UK size of cork backed placemats by either Jason or Pimpernel. The large placemats can also be used as table centres. A typical example of large placemats is the popular Pimpernel Dans le Jardin set of four tablemats.

Dans le jardin cork backed Pimpernel placemats