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Stylish and practical drinks coasters from all the top brands in a variety of patterns and themes. Find the perfect square or rectangular melamine or cork backed coaster set to protect your furniture and tabletops from water, moisture and heat marks. Most of our designs are available with matching sets of six placemats.

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Finding the perfect set of drinks coasters

Buy coasters online in various colours and shapes

When you browse through our website you will see many unique designs in a variety of colours, so you can buy a set of drinks coasters that perfectly match either your placemats or the décor of your dining room. With various shapes and sizes, including round, square and rectangular that work perfectly on a coffee table or office desk, you should easily find the exact design that you want.

We mainly stock classic cork backed coasters, with a lacquer or melamine surface to protect your surfaces from heat and most importantly from moisture marks left by tea or coffee cups. This type of drinks coaster is the ideal combination of materials to preserve your furniture from unwanted damage.

Coasters are a great way to add some character and personality to your home. There are a wide variety of designs available, so you can find coasters that suit your own personal tastes. It's not just about protecting your furniture from the drink being served, there are plenty of other ways to incorporate coasters around the house. If you want something stylish and fun, as well as practical, that won't cost you much money, then a set of drinks coasters is ideal.

Decorative and stylish drinks coasters

Buying coasters is a great way to brighten up your home with colourful, stylish designs that, along with matching tablemats, will also keep your tables and work surfaces protected. Choose from a range of quality coasters available in different shapes and sizes from the UK’s leading tableware brands, such as Pimpernel, Plymouth Pottery and Castle Melamine. With unique and stylish drinks coaster sets from Just Slate of Scotland and Jason of New Zealand.

Not only can coasters can be used as a decoration option for your dining table at mealtimes, but they can also be combined with other household items that can leave moisture behind, such as flower vases or wine bottles. They are also a great and easy gift for friends and family with fast and free UK delivery options available to buy your coasters online today.

Decorative and stylish drinks coasters

Some people will take a practical approach with their coasters, using them primarily to just protect their furniture from getting damaged by hot and cold drinks. The idea is that you have a coaster on hand for every drink you serve at your next party (or even just for yourself), so that when it's time for your guest to set their drink down on the table or work surface, it won't leave any marks or stains. In addition, the coasters have many other practical uses: they can be used for putting under hot and cold dishes or bowls.

You might be tempted to opt for some cheap novelty coasters, but it’s best to think about what works best for your home. Although they can be fun if you buy them for yourself or as gifts, they may not suit everyone's tastes. If you want something more traditional and conservative, consider choosing drinks coasters that fit in with the rest of your decor.

You also don't have to worry about the cost; at around £10 per set they are a relatively cheap way to protect your furniture. The trouble and expense involved in repairing a damaged desk or dining table means buying a set or two of drinks coasters are worth every penny. There shouldn't be anything stopping you from finding the perfect coaster set.

Buy coasters that keep moisture off your tabletop.

Now that you have decided to use coasters, they need to do the job they are designed for. They should be made of cork, wood or other materials that prevent moisture from getting through to the tabletop. The base of your coasters needs to be a soft material, such as cork or felt, so that there is no chance of your surfaces being scratched as well as preventing the coaster from sliding around.

Other materials such as glass, rattan or metal can be used, but for convenience and practicality the solid, cork or felt backed coasters tend to be the most practical and look great at the same time. The convenience of just wiping the top surface of the coaster down with a damp cloth to remove any stains is an added advantage.

Use different types of coasters throughout your home

You don't have to limit yourself to just one type of coaster or table placemats. You can use a different design of drinks coaster in each room, or mix and match designs in different parts of the same room. For example, you can have fun animal design coasters, such as the Wrendale Zoological coaster sets, that match the kitchen table. Followed by some modern and bright coasters such as the Plymouth Pottery Radiance coasters that might work well with your coffee table.

We recommend using the rigid type of coaster with a hardboard centre and soft cork backing as these will stop heat as well as moisture from penetrating through the varnished surface of your wooden tabletops. Moisture is the enemy of varnished surfaces so these solid drinks coasters are the answer to this problem. With such a variety of designs the possibilities are endless and the style or theme of your room can be easily changed by just switching the pattern of drinks coasters.

Melamine Coasters, UK made

For a stronger and harder wearing drinks coaster, the ideal choice is the range of melamine coasters, UK made sets. The surface of these coaster variants is made from a thin layer of melamine which is heat treated and the result is an extremely durable and rigid surface that will cope with very hot drinks up to around 150C.

With a limited number of UK based manufacturers, these melamine coasters are made following strict regulations and standards, ensuring that the finished products are food safe and meet the needs of both domestic consumers and trade or catering professionals.

Some, but not all of the Lady Clare, Plymouth Pottery and Castle Melamine ranges of designer coasters are made with durable melamine. Each coaster will also have a protective base made of either soft cork or felt which protects the surface of your furniture.

Being manufactured in the UK, coasters are generally more expensive than non-melamine coaster sets as the process is very labour intensive as well as requiring imported and costly raw materials. There are a variety of traditional and contemporary designs to choose from and also the option to have your own custom coasters produced, although there are minimum order quantities with all of the UK coaster manufacturers.