Classic Cork Backed, Hardboard Placemats by Leading Brands

Cork Backed Placemats

Discover the full range of available cork backed placemats made from hardboard and with either a melamine or hard lacquer surface. Designed to protect your dining table, corkbacked place mats are perfect to prevent scratches, water or heat stains from damaging your furniture.

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Cork Backed Placemats in the UK

Traditional style placemats

Complete range of traditional cork backed placemats from leading place mat manufacturers. Tablemats with hardboard centres and either a melamine or hard lacquer surface, such as the Pimpernel Dancing Branches tablemats. Cork backing is the classic method of table protection. The cork is relatively soft and retains the soft texture to prevent any chance of scratches or damage to your dining table.

Fabrication process

The cork backed method is the preferred backing format for protecting your table and is used by the top placemats makers, such as Pimpernel and Plymouth Pottery. The top surface of cork backed tablemats is formed of a design printed on paper and placed under the lacquer, or melamine. This final layer is applied as a liquid that is then heated to a very high temperature and when dries forms a hard, protective surface. This heat-treated surface protects the placemat design from the rigors of daily use. The centre of the cork backed placemats is constructed from wood board, usually made from Eucalyptus trees. The hardboard centres comply with current environmental regulations as these Eucalyptus trees have been grown on renewable plantations.

Style and usage of cork-backed placemats

We carry a wide range of cork backed placemats on our site with a diversity of patterns to appeal to all tastes such as the Plymouth Pottery Majestic placemats and which can coordinate with virtually any dining setting. From informal kitchen dining, like the Pimpenel Lunchtime placemats to formal dinner parties. Switching the placemat selection can instantly transform the dining occasion. They are also a great cost-effective way to revamp a dining room without the expense of redecorating or replacing an actual dining table. The majority are the classic rectangular shape, but a reduced selection of designs are available as round placemats.
Typically cork backed placemats are packed as sets of six and have matching cork backed coasters which are sold separately. The leading tablemat brands generally add new designs to their range each year to keep the selection looking fresh and the colours in line with current on-trend fashions.