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Red Placemats

Bold red placemats are the perfect choice to make your dining table pop. The bright and colourful shades of red are an exciting option for your place mats.

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Modern, bold red placemats

For a modern dining room, red placemats are a popular choice as the bright and bold colours are going to stand out and make your dining table pop and look very stylish. The red colour also creates a sense of warmth, the energetic effect of this lively choice makes for an inviting atmosphere around your dining table.

There a range of materials to choose from when selecting your ideal red place mats including exotic and interesting options in silicone. The vast majority of red placemats are from within the cork backed tablemats range by Plymouth Pottery and Pimpernel.

Vibrant colourful place mats

With red being such a vibrant colour, these place mats work extremely well when you are looking to contrast with a dining room containing primarily neutral colours, such as beige, grey or cream.

This allows you to make a huge difference to the colour scheme without having the expense of changing the décor of your kitchen or dining room.

Red placemats for a stylish dining table

This bright, stylish colour will make a bold statement for a special occasion and the red placemats can then be replaced with a more versatile blue or green colour for another dining event.

The darker shades of red, through to burgundy or claret, generate a traditional look that will work well with a classic dining table where the primary colours are a dark wood. This creates a stylish and structured appearance to your dining room.

Experiment with the opportunities provided by a bold set of red placemats to excite your dinner guests and protect your furniture at the same time.