Stylish Placemats From The Just Slate Company of Scotland

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The Just Slate Company of Scotland produce a very high quality range of not only slate placemats and coasters, but have expanded into a wide collection of luxury tabletop accessories. From copper and metal tablemats to wooden tableware accessories. Most of the available items are supplied in sturdy black gift presentation boxes.

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Just Slate: from Scotland to your dining table

The Just Slate Company are very pleased to be providing some of the best quality products to our customers, which includes a range of many alternative products to decorate your dining table with both elegance and style. Discover the gift boxes of Just Slate placemats and coasters which are the perfect way to set your table for all occasions and also creating a look cultivated by professionals in high class restaurant.

Not only do they have some of the most stylish slate tableware products available, Just Slate also offer a wide variety of products from cheeseboards to table runners. On our website you will find some interesting ideas for decorating your table. From not only the principal products of coasters and slate placemats, but we also offer other luxury items such as copper or metal coasters which are an elegant and practical solution for protecting any of the table top surfaces around your home.

Popular slate tablemats and coasters.

Another popular product which is also the ideal finishing touch for your dining room is the slate table runner. On this you can conveniently serve snacks or small drinks. It is the perfect size to be positioned in the centre of the table for all of your dinner guests to reach easily.

In addition to looking great, the Just Slate range of products are a fantastic gift for your friends or family. Most of the items are supplied in high quality black gift presentation boxes that can keep the placemats or coasters neatly stored when not in use. Making them a practical and elegant gift solution for all occasions.

Different shapes with Just Slate placemats

With a variety of styles of slate placemats, from the classic square and rectangular tablemats that we see on many dining tables, to some uncommon shapes such as the stylish set of two heart shaped place mats.

Although the rectangular placemats are the main item in the Just Slate range with gift boxed drinks coasters following closely, the trivets and table runners are more popular now than in previous years. The slate trivets are an excellent choice for customers looking for slightly larger placemats, they measure a generous 35x25cm compared to the rectangular tablemats of 20x22cm. These can also be used as table centres for holding wine bottles or condiments.

Just Slate finished in Scotland

One of the most important features of the slate tabletop range is that the slate is hand finished in Scotland where the Just Slate Company is proudly based.

The unfinished slate arrives straight from the quarry in large slabs which are then cut to size and treat with a food safe glaze to protect the slate. This means each individual tablemat is unique as no two cuts or pieces of slate are ever identical.