Special Packs of Placemats and Matching Coasters

Special Packs Placemats and Coasters

Special packs containing the matching sets of coasters and placemats. Each item arrives in the appropriate presentation box as provided by the manufacturer and offers a saving over items purchased separately.

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Buying special packs of placemats and coasters

Buying placemats and coasters as a bundle can ensure that they will definitely match and are going to complement each other. This is more appropriate with some of the packs, for example those with animal designs, which will create a cohesive and stylish look for your dining or kitchen table. When purchasing them separately, it can be time consuming to find items that match in terms of colour or pattern.

Particularly when some manufacturers have an extensive range of designs to choose from. By buying them as a bundle, you can be confident that the patterns are going to work well together and enhance the overall look of your dining room.

Not only do we include exact match designs amongst these special packs, but we have taken the opportunity to include combinations with different drinks coasters. Designs that would not always be associated with a particular set of placemats but which we feel make an excellent match.

Combinations of drinks coasters and place mats

Many retailers offer discounts or promotions when items are purchased together and we are no different. This can be especially beneficial when you are looking for gift ideas or where you plan to use the coasters separately to the table mats, for example in a home study or to protect a coffee table.

Regardless of the design you select, the reason for buying placemats and coasters, whether bought separately or as a special pack, is to help you protect your lovely furniture and table tops from damage.

A set of placemats can prevent scratches, stains, and heat marks from spoiling your dining table, while the matching drinks coasters can protect your kitchen/dining table from moisture rings as well as heat damage. By using both items together, you can help to make sure your furniture stays in pristine condition.

Convenience of special packs of placemats and coasters.

Ordering your placemats and coasters together as a special pack can be a convenient and practical way to buy. The special packs are shipped with the original manufacturers packaging, in just the same way as with the items sold separately, and this varies from company to company. The items are then combined in special protective packaging to ensure they arrive safely.

Like with all of the placemats and coasters we sell you can easily store them away when not needed and take them out as required. The design you select for a particular meal can vary depending upon the occasion and ideally you would have more than one design to choose from.

This gives you some flexibility when you want to distinguish from an everyday lunch with the family or a formal special dinner event. You just need to consider your personal tastes and preferences to ensure that you choose the special pack that works best for you and the colour scheme of your dining room.