British Made Quality Melamine Placemats, Corkbacked

Melamine Placemats

Melamine placemats are extremely durable, being heat resistant to 145C. With either cork or felt backing these tablemats protect your dining table from heat and scratches. Melamine place mats are ideal for commercial use such as in restaurants, bars and care homes.

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Durable Melamine Placemats

British made melamine placemats for extra durability

Melamine placemats are particularly suitable for both domestic and professional catering environments because they have a greater heat resistance than the standard lacquer finish tablemats. Lacquered mats, such as the classic Pimpernel placemats, can withstand temperatures in the region of 100C whereas melamine tablemats can tolerate temperatures in excess of 140C. Melamine place mats and drinks coasters are much more scratch resistant and therefore designs like the Plymouth Pottery Regal Claret tablemats are more appropriate for restaurant or catering scenarios.

Cork backed melamine tablemats

The melamine range of placemats and coasters that we carry are all made in the UK and comply with the current melamine food safety regulations. These placemats typically have a cork backing to prevent damage to your dining table. The melamine is applied to the printed design and is then heat sealed to create an extremely hard surface. This heat-treated surface protects the tablemat pattern from the wear and tear of daily use. Some of the melamine table mats have a felt backing and this is displayed on the product page where applicable. Both Castle Melamine and the British made Plymouth Pottery Pro range of melamine placemats have a traditional cork backing, such as the Plymouth Pottery Regal Blue tablemats. The full range of available placemats, UK size, usually will contain something for all decorative styles, most of which are cork backed.

Formal and informal dining

We carry a wide display of melamine tablemats on our site with a range of patterns to appeal to most tastes and which can coordinate with your dining setting. Whether an informal kitchen through to formal dinner parties. Just by switching the placemat design you can instantly transform the dining occasion. They are also an economical way to bring change to a dining room without the cost of redecorating or replacing a dining table. Usually melamine and cork placemats like the Scottish Castles table mats are packed in sets of six and have matching drinks coasters which are sold separately. Many tablemat brands will add new designs to their range once a year to keep the selection looking fresh and the colour palette in step with current fashions. With melamine usually found on more classical or traditional ranges, an alternative would be contemporary placemats or funky placemats which are not usually made from the more durable melamine material.

Take care of your table with the best melamine placemats

We are probably familiar with what melamine is and really not much has changed in the last sixty years. It is still a mix of compounds which, when they react with each other, creates a very resistant material known as melamine, which makes these some of the best placemats currently available. Thanks to this compound, you will now be able to decorate and protect your table in the best way possible, since melamine placemats are quite resistant and elegant. Many of the melamine designs are available as special packs of matching placemats and coasters.

At the same time, these tablemats are light, as only a thin layer of melamine is needed for the surface, with the rest of the mat being hardboard and the base is usually a soft cork or felt material. This gives them many advantages when it comes to decorating your table with something that is practical, attractive and food safe. From the moment you start to use these place mats you will be able to see how they protect the surface of table from hot plates, for example. So, what are you waiting for? You can have a table protector exactly to your liking that will save your furniture from getting damaged at mealtimes.