Emma Ball Melamine Cork Backed Placemats

Emma Ball

Cork-backed melamine placemats and coasters from Emma Ball with a range of watercolour designs featuring British towns and a variety of animal designs. These UK made tablemats have a durable heat resistant surface and a soft cork base.

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Emma Ball cork backed melamine placemats

Melamine placemats made in England

Made in England by Nottingham based watercolour artist Emma Ball, the wide range of cork backed melamine placemats and coasters are supplied in packs of four. With a sturdy hardboard centre the surface is made from an extremely durable melamine which prevents scratches and scuffs from appearing on the water colour print.

Melamine is very heat resistant and will tolerate typical hot plate temperatures up to about 140C. This is sufficient for pots, plates and hot serving dishes, although placing a pan direct from the stove would be beyond the recommended temperature range for melamine tablemats. The base of these melamine placemats is cork backed to protect your table, such as the attractive Emma Ball London tablemats.

Emma Ball water colour melamine placemats

The colourful water colour paintings of Emma Ball are reprinted onto a wide variety of tableware products and gift cards. The range of Emma Ball melamine placemats typically focuses on scenes of British countryside and towns, with a particular leaning towards British seaside towns and villages. Such as the attractive Cornwall melamine tablemats.

This type of cork backed placemat is suitable for either domestic use or, because they are so durable, they are ideal for restaurants and hotels. These modern placemats can be easily cleaned by wiping the surface with a damp cloth, but should not be immersed in water or placed in a dishwasher as this would affect the cork base.

Animal themed melamine placemats

Within the Emma Ball range are melamine tablemats and coasters with aesthetically pleasing depictions of animals and birds found living around the British Isles. A particular favourite is the Diving Puffins place mats showing a flock of Puffins with a lighthouse in the background. The size of Emma Ball’s animal themed melamine placemats is 29cm x 22cm with the water colour design continuing to the edge of the placemat.

The variety of melamine coasters includes some designs such as the Assorted Puffins drinks coaster set which are only available as coasters but not yet as placemats.