Large Sized Pimpernel Placemats, Corkbacked, Multi Designs

Large Sized Pimpernel Placemats UK

Large sized Pimpernel placemats are primarily the size used in the USA and Europe. These large table mats are available as sets of four. The bigger version of cork backed place mats can also be used to compliment the regular UK sized table mats.

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Large Placemats by Pimpernel

Construction of Pimpernel large placemats

The surface of the Pimpernel range of extra large placemats has a design printed on paper which is then coated in a liquid lacquer. The lacquer is then heated to a high temperature which dries and creates an extremely hard, protective surface. This lacquer surface is stain resistant and heat resistant to 110C.

The extra big Pimpernel placemats are designed for use in domestic settings and can withstand temperatures up to 110C, which is enough for heated dinner plates. It is not advisable to place oven dishes straight from the oven onto the surface. The large tablemats, such as the Vin de France large placemats are easily cleaned with a damp cloth.

Just like the standard Pimpernel placemats, the centre of the larger sized Pimpernel mats is composed of a hardboard material made from the wood of Eucalyptus trees. The base of the extra large cork backed placemats by Pimpernel is made from a soft cork which protects your table.

Traditional large placemats from Pimpernel

The Pimpernel range of cork backed big size placemats is wide and varied with designs and themes for all tastes and situations. From traditional floral patterns and the timeless single colour mats, like the Classic Black large placemats through to a range of more modern and contemporary designs.

The large Continental range of Pimpernel designs are packed in sets of four and measure 40.1cm x 29.8cm. The bigger size cork placemats by Pimpernel are designed to accommodate both a dinner plate, along with the cutlery, placed on the actual placemat. This contrasts with the smaller, more traditional, UK size of Pimpernel table placemats (30.5cm x 23cm) where the cutlery is placed on the dining table alongside the tablemat. The large version of Pimpernel tablemats, for example the large Pimpernel Lunchtime tablemats are often used as table centres in the UK.

The Pimpernel company and their history

One of the original British based tableware companies with their origins going back to the 1930s, Pimpernel have been market leaders of all types and shapes of placemats and drinks coasters for over 80 years. Now part of the Portmeirion Group, one of the leading UK table mats and homeware companies.

What to keep in mind when choosing large placemats?

To correctly choose the right large placemats, you need to take into account the type of meal they are going to be used for. The actual design is going to depend to a certain extent on whether it is an informal meal or not.

In the case of a formal meal, you should keep in mind that the most frequently used tablemats designs are those that are fairly plain and that are as discreet as possible. While, for informal meals, you can do something more to your liking, maybe a bit more exciting. For example, by combining the large place mats pattern with the smaller table placemats and the rest of the decoration in your home, or matching them with the colour theme of your dining room.

Dare to play with colours and dress your table in different ways, thus obtaining your own personal decoration styles and that way you will be giving your home a different touch with either a traditional or modern placemats designs. Without a doubt, it is a good way to amaze your guests and surprise them with an attractive pattern.