Pimpernel Placemats, Cork Backed and Hardboard Tablemats

Pimpernel Placemats and Tablemats

Pimpernel placemats produce some of the best of corkbacked, hardboard tablemats. From traditional floral and landscape designs to contemporary and modern cork backed place mats. Pimpernel is part of a global housewares company with many years of experience in developing cutting edge tabletop products.

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Traditional Pimpernel Placemats

Traditional Pimpernel cork backed placemats

A vast range of cork backed placemats and coasters with designs catering for all tastes and occasions. From traditional floral patterns such as the Antique Roses tablemats and classic plain coloured mats with a gold border through to more modern contemporary designs like the Dancing Branches tablemats and landscapes. The standard size traditional Pimpernel placemats are packed in sets of six and have matching coasters which are sold separately. The classic Pimpernel tablemats are the size to accommodate the dining plate only, with the cutlery placed on the dining table alongside the placemat. The larger Continental size placemats are packed in sets of four. These large placemats can be used as traditional placemats where the cutlery is placed on the placemat. They are also ideal as table centres.

Pimpernel placemats, industry leaders

One of the original British placemats companies, Pimpernel have been making placemats and coasters for over 80 years. A UK company, now part of the market leading tableware manufacturer The Portmeirion Group, they are trend setters in the field of cork backed placemats. Portmeirion has years of experience in creating stylish ceramic tableware such as their Botanic Garden and Sophie Conran ranges, which has allowed them to bring their unique design skills to the traditional Pimpernel placemats range. Each year Pimpernel add new tablemat designs to their range, for example the Pimpernel Postcard Sketches tablemats, to keep the offering fresh and contemporary with on-trend colour palettes.

Construction of Pimpernel tablemats

The top surface of the Pimpernel cork backed tablemats is made of a design printed on paper which then has a coating of liquid lacquer applied to it. This is then heated to a very high temperature which when dries forms an extremely hard, protective surface. This heat-treated surface is stain resistant and heat resistant to 110C. The centre of the traditional Pimpernel placemats is composed of hardboard made from renewable Eucalyptus trees and the base has a soft cork backing which protects your table.