Placemats with an Animal Theme, Classic and Modern

Animals Placemats and Tablemats

Range of animal themed placemats and attractive tablemats with designs including cats, dogs, birds and horses. Primarily cork backed and felt backed place mats from top UK brands like Lady Clare, Pimpernel and Plymouth Pottery.

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Animal Placemats and Tablemats sold in the UK

Traditional animal design placemats

A comprehensive range of animal placemats and tablemats available in the UK, mainly classic cork backed placemats from the leading UK manufacturers such as Pimpernel, Plymouth Pottery, Lady Clare and Castle Melamine. Themes include depictions of a flock of geese flying across open countryside in the Plymouth Pottery Summer Gold placemats, which is by the artist Roger Nannini. Or the traditional animal place mats theme of Game Birds tablemats by Lady Clare showing six different birds found in the British countryside. A similar tablemats set by Lady Clare is the Gould Ducks design of six different ducks found on the ponds and waterways of the UK.

Horse, cat and dog placemats

Horseracing fans have a couple of Lady Clare horse themed designs to choose from in the Peter Beigel Collection depiction of jump racing and a tightly grouped group of horses racing by Pat Owen. Cat lovers are not forgotten and the Plymouth Pottery Hungry Cats place mats show a friendly group of cats waiting for their bowls to be filled or the Ulster Weavers Cats in Waiting placemats. A series of dog themed animal placemats by Lady Clare has captured some of the sportier versions of man's best friend in these Lady Clare Sporting Dogs traditional placemats.

Wrendale animal themed placemats and tablemats

The ever popular range of Wrendale animal placemats by Hannah Dale is available from Pimpernel. These cork backed animal design tablemats feature six different sketches of British animals, with the character of each animal cleverly depicted by the artist in the unmistakable Wrendale fashion. Similar to Wrendale are the high quality British made wildlife tablemats by Toasted Crumpet. Made in England with a durable melamine surface these extra thick felt backed placemats feature various animals and birds found living around the British countryside.