Tablemats Depicting Scenes and Landscapes, Corkbacked


Tablemats available with scenes or landscapes as the predominant design theme. Stylish scenic placemats made from a variety of materials, but mainly traditional cork backed placemat sets.

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Key to choosing scenic placemats

Stylish landscape designs

When we are looking for some new table mats we have a wide variety to choose from, and it all boils down to our personal tastes. Within the choice of stylish cork backed placemats one of the more popular types of design is what can be broadly classified as scenic placemats. These are patterns or prints that include a view or landscape and look very attractive, particularly on a traditional or wooden table.

With classic images covering scenes from London or Paris or the timeless Italian view found in the Café Scene placemats from Plymouth Pottery. With another popular design being the Streets of London tablemats, also from the Plymouth Pottery collection, which has the additional advantage of including six different views of famous London scenes.

Most are available as sets of four or six with each individual tablemat protecting the area being used by the diner, which makes them not only easier to clean, but setting and clearing the table is much simpler compared to the traditional linen tablecloth that covers the whole of your dining table and requires washing from time to time.

What colours to look out for with scenic placemats?

The scene itself is probably the most important aspect when you choose your scenic placemats, but it’s also crucial to make sure the colour combination works for the dining-room or kitchen where your placemats will be on display. With some designs being more colourful than others, for example the lively orange colours of the Plymouth Summer Gold placemats, UK sized design, compared to the more subdued hues of the Spode Blue Italian tablemats by Pimpernel.

On the other hand, contemporary landscape designs such as the JoLoMo Tobermory melamine placemats will fit into most decorative themes and bring an interesting talking point to your dinner table and can be on display all year round. The extra benefit of the JoLoMo range is they are made with a durable melamine surface making them particularly robust and appropriate for heavy usage.

Classic scenic placemats for all decorative styles

If you are unsure of the design which will work best for your dining-room then it’s a good idea to get a set which has a subdued colour palette, such as the Vin de France design by Pimpernel which is a soft cream colour depicting wine labels with a black and white sketch of a French chateau. This type of colour scheme will fit perfectly with both traditional and modern decorative styles.

For a more informal dining situation are the fun collage style of placemats by Emma Ball, such as the London, Cornwall or Lake District table placemats, all of which are made in the UK and also have a hard melamine surface. All of the scenic placemats listed here are easy to clean and are equally good at protecting your furniture from the usual spills and scrapes of mealtimes.