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Melamine Coasters

Range of durable melamine coasters from the UK's leading tableware brands. Drinks coaster sets to protect your dining table and furniture with an attractive selection of patterns to choose from and all made in Great Britain.

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Melamine Coasters

Useful and durable drinks coaster sets

Melamine coasters are a strong and durable product that, with just a little care and attention, can last for many years, protecting the rooms in the house in which they are displayed, whether in the kitchen, dining table, desk, office or furniture in catering and leisure establishments.

This type of coaster typically has a square shape more or less measuring 10cm, but the Lady Clare range are rectangular shaped. Melamine coasters, UK made, are becoming more and more popular for domestic use because of their hard wearing decorative appeal and their usefulness and attractive appearance on a dining table for any event or family gathering.

Melamine for High Quality

Melamine is used for the manufacture of coasters because it is a very resistant and has a durable surface capable of withstanding temperatures in excess of 140 degrees. In the manufacturing process of these coasters, a printed paper layer is immersed in melamine creating a heat-sealed and satin finish. Usually finished with a cork or felt backing that is anti-slip, preventing them from moving when used.

The melamine coasters are perfect to avoid unwanted scratches and stains that can seriously damage our dining table, whether that is through daily use or special occasions. They are a high quality product and with the right care will last for years, they generally only need to be wiped with a damp cloth. Definitely avoid putting them in the dishwasher as the cork or felt backing will not survive, even though the melamine itself would be able to withstand the experience.

Stylish and classic designs

With the range of durable melamine coasters you have the opportunity to choose between a variety of designs from traditional plain colours from Plymouth Pottery, to the colourful JoLoMo range, with a floral range from Lady Clare or some of the contemporary designs from Castle Melamine. Not forgetting the popular floral William Morris patterns, there is a design for every taste and preference.

You may even be surprised by the wide variety that exists but either way you can choose the design that best suits your taste and style from these popular manufacturers. It is also worth noting that the melamine coasters are all made in Great Britain which is an added incentive to try this type of drinks coaster and help support a local industry. Although this type of coaster is more expensive than the standard format, the extra durability and extended use you will get from them makes them more economical than at first glance.