Round Shaped Placemats, Corkbacked and Slate

Round Placemats

Round placemats available in a limited range of designs and themes. Find your ideal circular shaped tablemats made from materials such as slate, copper or melamine.

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Round Placemats

Modern round shaped placemats

Over the years there has been many changes when it comes to the arrangement and decoration of our table, traditional plain cloth tablecloths are being replaced by individual placemats with innovative designs bringing style to our dining tables. Round placemats, with the various designs, are a choice that has many options and combinations to decorate our table with elegance. Or if we prefer a more casual and informal table décor that is also an option with these round shaped mats. This relatively modern form of placemat is available with soft cork backing are and a hard protective surface to prevent damage to your dining table as well as a range of quality slate tablemats in very stylish gift boxes. With attractive designs available from Just Slate, Pimpernel and Castle Melamine the choice of round mats in the UK is relatively reduced compared to other shapes.

Variety of round placemats styles

Protect and decorate your table with a choice of round placemats with a selection of decorative styles and colours that will have a positive impact on the presentation of our dining table. These round placemats can combine perfectly with most decorative styles and will coordinate nicely with your own persona tastes. There is a reduced selection of round placemats compared to the more traditional shaped rectangular or square tablemats, but there are enough colour choices to match either a modern or classic decorative style. You just need to select the one set that best suits the style and decoration preference and they are sure to bring a sense of luxury and majesty to your dinner table.

Functional and decorative tablemats

In general placemats are the perfect way to decorate your home, kitchen, dining room, work office or restaurant. They are also ideal to give as a gift to a family member or friend. The round placemats we supply are made from high quality materials ensuring they are durable and will look fantastic over time even with frequent use. A great set of this type of mat is not only for use on special occasions, but they are also meant to be used in your day-to-day lunches and dinners. The ideal choice for all of your mealtimes. One of the advantages of a set of round placemats, apart from making our lives just that little bit easier, is they are convenient to store and will take up little space when they are not being used. Simple to keep clean by just wiping with a damp cloth to remove any traces of food or water. They are sure to protect your furniture from being damaged by heat marks and moisture from hot plates and glasses.