Black Placemats for Traditional to Modern Dining Rooms

Black Placemats

Traditional black placemats to create either a classic or modern look to your dining room

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Protect your table with black placemats

A set of black placemats and coasters in your dining room are not only a great way to protect your tabletops from the usual spills and heat damage associated with meal times, but they will bring a touch of sophistication and elegance to any existing décor.

One of the other advantages of black placemats is the versatility they have over other place mat designs or colours. In this way they can create both a classic, traditional look and feel, or in the right context they can also look sleek and modern.

Stylish slate black placemats

An example of this is the stylish Just Slate placemats range, in which they have taken traditional slate and hand cut it to the right shape and size of a placemat. Available in round, square or standard rectangular shapes these black placemats from Just Slate of Scotland bring a modern, elegant feel to your dining room or kitchen.

An alternative to the slate tablemats would be the woven vinyl Carbon Fleximats, these are a set of lightweight and floppy black placemats. They have the benefit of being an economical and stylish way to quickly bring a modern, sleek look to any dining room. At the same time, they do not overpower the rest of your room, so you can proudly display the plates and bowls of your dinnerware service.

Cork backed black placemats for a modern look.

The classic cork backed black placemats from Pimpernel and Plymouth Pottery give you the opportunity to find designs that incorporate a touch of black in their colour scheme and these tablemats are worth considering if you are looking for a design that is not a solid single colour, but which will still create a modern or traditional feel.

Normally the slate, melamine and cork backed tablemat ranges will have a matt finish to the surface rather than a shiny or glossy finish. This helps to prolong the lifetime of your table mats, particularly with black placemats where a shiny surface would quickly show any blemishes from daily usage.