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Discover your ideal floral placemats from this selection of stylish and elegant tablemats with flower themed designs. A wide range of styles and materials with a variety of flowery patterns to choose from.

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Elegant Floral Placemats

Flower themed placemats all year round

Whatever the weather we always want to show off our elegant table in a way that inspires fun and joy. The best option to achieve this is some wonderful colourful, floral placemats that remind us of our favourite time of year – Spring. Or perhaps the beautiful landscapes and colours of the summer season.

A set of simple flower themed placemats will add colour, which is sometimes necessary on our table, whether it has a marble, wood or glass surface, as the table mats help to create the perfect atmosphere for our lunch or dinner guests.

A good combination of tones and shades in our table decoration will ensure your style and good taste has a positive impact and is bound to be commented on by your guests.

Floral placemats bring nature to your table

Adding some beautiful floral placemats brings to life any table setting no matter what time of the year we are in. With flowery designs in various colours we can maintain the harmony of our table with the correct usage of the different shades of green, red, brown or blue available. Incorporating other colours such as red coasters for example can add balance and reinforce the soft tones chosen for our table setting.

The creative effect of these floral placemats will bring a sense of charm and harmony to your lunch or dinner party. Available in various materials, such as woven vinyl, but a particularly wide variety can be found amongst the cork placemats range. For use all year round, the flowery designs with the wide variety of colours will evoke a feeling of well-being where your guests will be sure to enjoy a wonderful evening.

Colours bringing style and freshness

If you think that your dining table lacks just a little bit of sparkle and you want to break with the existing decorative style, then adding floral placemats with natural colours and flowery designs will inspire a sense of freshness and a natural look. This makes flowery themed place mats, such as those provided by Plymouth Pottery, the perfect style option. Add floral placemats to provide a more cheerful and relaxed style, you can even take risks with bold, vibrant colours such as bright yellows, pinks and greens. Ensuring the exotic, natural décor of your dining table and are generally more traditional in apearance than funky placemats.

This type of tablemats design will not only help you protect your dining room or kitchen table from damage or unwanted scratches, but will also create a minimalist style using softly toned and patterned designs combining colour with elements of nature such as leaves and flowers. Available primarily as rectangular shaped table placemats and square drinks coasters with a protective cork backing, but also a limited range of round and square floral placemats.