Funky Tablemats Modern Cork Backed Place Mats

Funky Tablemats

Funky, modern tablemats and placemats designs with a contemporary look and feel to coordinate with a stylish kitchen or dining room decor. Colourful place mats which are sure to bring your tabletop to life.

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Set your table like an expert with some funky placemats

Options for setting a stylish dining table

There are many ways to set a table, each one depends a lot on the tastes of the person who sets it and the type of meal that is going to be celebrated, but to do something different, we are going to show you some tips to lay out your table with some funky placemats.

With this advice and as you can see from the wide range of placemats and coasters we have on offer, your kitchen or dining table will look perfect and be ready to welcome diners who are about to have a great time in good company.

Tips for using funky placemats

With funky placemats you can mix and match with different styles and even from different eras. Particularly if you are looking for something a little bit different, then a clash of styles between an eighties or classic decoration can be achieved with items from the cork placemats collections and could look marvellous.

That’s just one example and we're sure that none of your guests will expect you to surprise them in this way. But that's the reason why it's the ideal surprise for your guests.

Funky, modern and elegant placemats

Another of the tricks would be to use drinks coasters with a different design to the tablemats, that way you can mix up the patterns with colours or themes that look great together. Such as the Plymouth Pottery Radiance table placemats and the same brand of coasters, but in the Majestic pattern. That way you can continue to cause a sensation with these eye-catching designs.

Given the variety of motifs that would count as funky placemats, you can easily combine them with other elements of your tableware decoration. This allows you to create different atmospheres and different genres of table setting to the time of year or the dinner occasion.

As always we recommend combining these table mats with some type of floral arrangement if you are able to, as a bunch of colourful flowers always adds an elegant touch to the dining table.