Plymouth Pottery Golden Repeat Placemats
  • Set of 6 Plymouth Pottery Golden Repeat Tablemats
  • Plymouth Pottery Golden Repeat Placemats

Plymouth Golden Repeat Placemats

Elegant hexagonal block design in shades of beige and gold. Golden Repeat rectangular tablemats are a sylish option for both casual and formal dining.


Pack of 6

Hardboard centre rigid, cork backed base

Same design coasters available

Size 29.2cm x 21.6cm (11.5" x 8.5")

Gift boxed

Contemporary Golden Repeat gold placemats, corkbacked set by Plymouth Pottery

Stylish design in shades of gold. These luxury tablemats are the perfect choice for elegant dinner parties.

The durable, heat sealed surface is designed to withstand all the rough and tumble of daily use and the cork base will protect your table.

The centre of each Plymouth Pottery Golden Repeat tablemat is made from eucalyptus wood, harvested from environmentally managed forests.

These sturdy cork backed gold placemats, UK size, with a 5mm thickness for extra strength.

Golden placemats for stylish table protection

If you want your dining table to be protected but at the same time have an elegant style that creates a different look, then these are the solution: golden placemats. With a heat-sealed top surface, the placemats have a cork backing, which is recognised as one of the best options for protecting your table. The unique and stylish design of repeating hexagonal shapes is an elegant choice for your dining table.

The manufacturing process of these golden placemats ensures they are made with current energy efficiency standards in mind. We would primarily use them for keeping our dining table safe, but these tablemats can also be used as a decorative accessory for any room of the house or as table centres for holding baskets or ornaments.

What uses can we give to the golden placemats?

Although the golden colour is associated with Christmas and other festive occasions it is a colour that can be easily combined with tabletop decor allowing us to use the Golden Repeat placemats as a decorative option all year round. We can use them to hold a vase with flowers or any other decorative accessory that we want to stand out around the home.

Do you have a suitable location?

These golden placemats can be placed in any part of the house that we want to highlight, but if we want to bring a touch of light to a specific place in a room, we can place these golden placemats near a window or in a space where there is a light source. But we must be careful not to let them be in direct contact with sunlight as this will cause the golden colour to fade over time. They should be in a place where reflected light can be taken advantage of in a more subtle manner.

Modern and elegant decoration

If you have a modern style of decoration in your home, then these golden placemats will help to enhance this type of decorative look, giving an even greater special effect to each room. If your house has a modern style, but with neutral colours, then something like the Plymouth golden placemats would be the perfect method for giving just a dash of colour around the house. You can also use these golden placemats and coasters as the primary colour in every room.

Which colours can gold placemats be combined with?

This advice can be applied both in the general decoration of your home and in the more specific decoration of a dining table. The colours that combine best with gold are gray, white or black. This colour combination can look great in a living room or even in a bathroom. Two other colours that are perfect options are shades and tones of red or green. The combination of all of these colours is typically what we find in traditional Christmas themes.

Standard size UK placemats 29.2 x 21.6cm (11.5 inch x 8.5 inch)
Set of 6
Rigid Hardboard - Cork backed
Heat resistant
Care Guide
Wipe clean with damp cloth
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