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Discover the best quality tablemats from the UK's leading placemat brands such as Plymouth Pottery, Pimpernel, Lady Clare and Castle Melamine. Find the perfect design from the wide range available to protect your dining table and create a great style for your home.

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Range of UK sized tablemats and coasters

Choose the ideal design from a wide range of tablemats, UK sized as well as larger placemats and matching drinks coasters. Traditionally the UK sized tablemats are usually around 29cm x 21cm, which conveniently holds your dinner plate, with the cutlery positioned alongside the table mats. Your UK tablemats would be on top of a tablecloth with separate, matching drinks coasters to hold your dinner guest’s glass.

This contrasts with the larger placemats favoured by the US and continental Europe which are of the size to also hold the knives and forks on the mat along with the dinner plate.

Leading UK tablemats brand names

With a variety of brands to choose from we stock the higher quality designs from the UK’s top tablemats makers. With a huge selection to select from including Plymouth Pottery, Pimpernel, now part of the Portmeirion Group and Lady Clare, one of the first English companies to make melamine coated and traditional lacquer finished table mats and coasters.

With designs ranging from classic floral themes such as the Plymouth Pottery White Poppies to the more modern style of the Pimpernel Dancing Branches tablemats. Or stylish Café Scenes through to amusing animal tablemats with cat or the African Animals table mats and drinks coasters from Lady Clare.

Cork backed tablemats, easy to maintain

At the same time as making our dining table as attractive as possible we should not forget that the main reason to buy some tablemats and coasters is to protect your dining table from spills and heat damage at meal times. With a cork backed, or sometimes a soft felt base, the tablemats are prevented from sliding around or scratching the surface of your furniture.

The thickness of the hardboard centre prevents any heat generated by dinner plates from travelling through the tablemat and affecting the varnish on your table. The area that takes all the punishment away from your expensive dining-table is the surface of the tablemats, which usually consists of a paper print placed on top the hardboard then heat sealed with either a melamine or hard lacquer finish to create a durable, strong surface that keeps the print looking stylish and attractive for many years.

The added attraction to using these tablemats to protect your tabletop is that they are very easy to maintain, with just wiping them down with a damp cloth, if needed to remove any spilled food or crumbs, they can then be easily stacked away until your next meal.

Why do I need to buy table mats?

Table mats can simply be seen as an extra layer of protection for your dining-table and can be used alongside drinks coasters as base for vases or other centrepieces which are on permanent display. Or if you have a fairly small kitchen, then using table mats can help keep your tabletops free of clutter and also makes it easier to keep the kitchen clean.

With table mats available in different styles and materials so there is a style for everyone whether you prefer the simplicity of glass top tables, traditional wooden table tops, or something more modern yet functional. The great thing about tablemats is that they are always there when you need them. Whether kept in a draw or cupboard or out on display, they are always ready to go and can be used at any time of the day or night.

With our selection of classic table mats, UK size as well as large continental placemats, you should be able to find the right colour and design that suits your kitchen or dining room. With designs typically available in sets of four or six and patterns ranging from floral, plain and animal through to modern designs and made from a variety of the best materials. Whichever style you choose, there is a set of table mats that will be the perfect match for your home.