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Pimpernel supply a traditional and contemporary range of quality drinks coasters. Rigid, either square or round coaster sets to match Pimpernels collection of stylish placemats. Ideal for elegantly protecting your dining table from stains and scratches.

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Pimpernel coasters to protect your table

We all know how important it is to protect your furniture from getting damaged by spills and heat. Whether you have a varnished wooden table or a sleek glass one, protecting its surface from unsightly stains, scratches, and heat damage is crucial. That's where Pimpernel coasters come in. These stylish and functional drinks coaster sets are everything you need to keep your furniture damage free.

With the advantage of years of practice, Pimpernel coasters are designed to protect your dining table from spilled liquids, moisture stains and heat marks. Whether it's a spill from a glass of red wine, a hot cup of tea, or condensation from a cold drink, these coasters provide a crucial barrier between the surface of your table and the base of the cup or glass that has the potential to cause so much damage.

Not only do we include exact match designs amongst these special packs, but we have taken the opportunity to include combinations with different drinks coasters. Designs that would not always be associated with a particular set of placemats but which we feel make an excellent match.

Attractive and rigid drinks coasters

Made with a hard, lacquer surface that protects the attractive print, followed by a hardboard centre which gives the drinks coasters their rigid feel and finished off with a soft cork base that protects your tabletop from any scratches.

Pimpernel coasters effectively prevent liquids from seeping through and leaving permanent marks on your table. In addition to their protective qualities, Pimpernel coasters also add a touch of elegance to your dining table.

Available in a wide variety of classic and modern designs, from traditional floral patterns to contemporary abstract designs, these drinks coasters can match whatever style of décor you have in your home.

Pimpernel coasters, UK designed

Designed in the UK and manufactured overseas, Pimpernel coasters are made from premium materials giving them a durability that allows them to survive the rough and tumble of daily use. They are heat resistant to 100C, ensuring that hot mugs won't leave annoying marks on the surface of your table.

While primarily used on dining tables at mealtimes, these drinks coasters can also be used to protect other furniture throughout your home, from a favourite coffee table to that antique desk in your study, Pimpernel coasters offer a convenient and stylish way to protect your tabletops.

Their compact size makes them easy to store when not in use and they can be left in convenient places around the home, allowing you to set them out whenever needed. With attractive designs to choose from, whether you prefer a traditional or modern design, with a set of Pimpernel coasters you will find the perfect pattern to suit your taste, this will make your home look great, from the kitchen to the living room or the home office.