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Lady Clare placemats UK made as part of a traditional range of luxury UK place mats with a felt backing. All tablemats are hand finished and made in England. Established as a manufacturer of quality tableware products for over 80 years.

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Lady Clare Placemats

Felt backed placemats by Lady Clare

Made in England, Lady Clare manufactures a wide range of traditional felt backed placemats and coasters, all hand crafted from their factory in Gloucestershire. The Lady Clare placemats, UK size, include designs finished with a hard lacquer surface such as Lady Clare Racehorses tablemats and also a range of melamine placemats like the Summer Fruit tablemats.

The soft felt backing applied to the base of the UK made Lady Clare placemats is soft and protects your dining table from scratches and scuffing as well as the heat generated from dinner plates. This type of felt backing is slightly softer than the alternative found on the back of cork placemats. The available designs are primarily traditional place mat themes, from floral patterns to hunting scenes and horse racing.

The centre of the Lady Clare tablemats are made from hardboard and are noticeably thicker than most other placemats at around 5mm, as opposed to around 3.8mm. The lacquer surface is extremely hard and designed to protect the printed design underneath and is heat resistant to 110C. The range of the modern melamine placemats has a more durable surface and is heat resistant to around 150C.

History of Lady Clare

The company was founded in 1932 by Lady Clare Pigott as a practical means to avoid the high laundry bills incurred from washing and starching table cloths in her role as hostess to diplomatic dinner parties at the British Embassy in Paris. The Lady Clare tablemats she produced were so popular she started the business in the UK which now produces high quality placemats, coasters and other tableware accessories. Lady Clare African Animals place mats are an example of one of the traditional designs.

Making history with Lady Clare

Lady Clare placemats, UK size were chosen by the British parliament in 2012 as the perfect gift to give to Her Majesty the Queen. The event was to mark the first time a British monarch has attended a Cabinet meeting in 230 years. The gift to the Queen consisted of 60 Lady Clare tablemats depicting 12 different scenes from State rooms within Buckingham Palace.

With over 80 years in the placemats industry Lady Clare tablemats are the bench mark for quality and traditional design, whereas other brands such as Plymouth Pottery or Pimpernel placemats are an option for anyone seeking a range of contemporary placemats. The wide choice of tablemats designs from across the various brands, such as the slate collection from Just Slate of Scotland, covers almost every style of dining room.

Decorate your table with some Lady Clare placemats

When we talk about table mats, and drinks coasters there are many types and models that we can choose from, but if what you are looking for is something a bit more exclusive for your home, then you need to have a look at the range of Lady Clare table placemats. These designs are the ideal choice if what you are looking for is to have something with a classic look of quality. Each of these designs is very intricate and contains a lot of detail, allowing you to find the one that best suits your personal taste.

As for their materials, they are made in a resistant way, some have a classic hard lacquer and others a durable melamine surface, so you will not have any problem regarding their use. You will also be able to see that the Lady Clare place mats adapt to pretty much any type of decoration.