Neutral Grey Placemats For All Dining Room Styles

Grey Placemats

Neutral grey placemats to blend in perfectly with the decor of many kitchen or dining rooms

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Versatile grey placemats

A great way to protect your tabletops from the usual spills and heat damage that inevitably occur at meal times, is to use a set of neutral or grey placemats. These are sure to blend in perfectly with your existing décor and also bring a feeling of sophistication to your dining table.

This advantage that grey placemats have over other colours or bolder designs is the versatility and wide range of options that they give you at the time of deciding how best to set your table. As grey is a neutral colour this allows you to have both a stylishly modern and a classically traditional result from the same set of grey placemats.

Woven vinyl light and dark grey placemats

With options ranging from light grey such as the Woven Vinyl Steel Fleximats through to the dark grey of the Pimpernel Midnight Slate tablemats, there is the possibility to find the right shade that works best for your dining room.

With the woven vinyl Steel Fleximats, you will benefit from the convenience of a lightweight and floppy set of grey placemats that are also a very economical way of keeping your table free of scratches and stains.

The Fleximats are also the perfect way to quickly bring a modern, sleek look to any dining room, without overpowering the colours found in the rest of your room. This allows you to bring out the best of your elegant plates and bowls.

Popular types of grey place mats.

From within the range of cork backed tablemats from major brands such as Pimpernel and Plymouth Pottery you will find some designs that incorporate a degree of grey to their design. This is helpful as apart from the Fleximats range or the faux leather grey placemats, there are not many place mat sets that would be described as completely grey. A popular choice is the Plymouth Pottery White Poppies blue-grey placemats, which contain shades of grey as part of a neutral blue background and off-white flowers.

Also trending towards grey are the William Morris Pure Strawberry Thief design, these floral themed grey placemats are a very light grey colour and blend in nicely with many decorative styles. These rigid, cork backed tablemats are also sure to protect your furniture from both heat damage and are an easy format for keeping clean as they just need to be wiped with a damp cloth after use.