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Hard Placemats

Range of hard placemats with either a solid base, either cork or felt backing and a hardboard centre

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Hard Placemats available in the UK

The best way to decorate your table

When we sit around a table, it’s not only the food that we see, but also the decorative style of our table which can hopefully stand out and maybe surprise our guests. By using individual table mats we have complete control of the aesthetics, theme and overall design of each event or celebration. The numerous social occasions involving lunch or dinner provides us with a wide range of opportunities to decorate our dining or kitchen table with our very own personal style. Choosing the type of tablemat that can be adapted to our decorative taste is important, therefore, the selection of hard placemats available today helps us make the right choice every time.

Pimpernel hard placemats

Not only are individual hard placemats the perfect choice for decorating our dining table, but they are also very functional for our day-to-day meals. For example by protecting our furniture from unwanted damage through scratches and spills. Add a touch of elegance and modernity with an innovative choice of solid slate tablemats or stylish rigid tablemat designs from the range of Pimpernel hard placemats, all works of art that will be the perfect back drop for an elegant and harmonious dinner celebration.

Hard placemats for day to day use

One of the advantages of a set of hard placemats is that it makes it easier to lay the table, you do not have to worry the wrinkles and creases of a traditional tablecloth. With this type of individual tablemat you have the advantage that they fit nicely into the space for each diner and they are easy to pick up when the meal is over. Cork backed hard placemats are very practical especially when it comes to keeping them clean, they are also easily stored just by stacking them one on top of the other. This ensures your cupboards and drawers are nicely organised as they occupy just a small amount of space.

As they are rigid and the cork base ensures that they remain firm on the table, preventing them from sliding around unnecessarily. The dinner plates can get hot, but the hard placemats are very good insulators, stopping from heat from getting through to the surface of the furniture. The individual designs available give you a lot of room in terms of how you want to decorate your table for any given event, with choices of theme and colour to match your surroundings and co-ordinate nicely with the décor of your dining-room or kitchen.