Pimpernel Lunchtime Tablemats vintage retro theme with cafeteria signs
  • Pimpernel Lunchtime Placemats
  • Pimpernel Lunchtime Tablemats vintage retro theme with cafeteria signs
  • Lunchtime placemats and coasters by Pimpernel table setting

Corkbacked Pimpernel Lunchtime Placemats

Colourful retro design of vintage signs.


  • Pack of 6
  • Rigid hardboard, cork backed
  • Matching drinks coasters available
  • Size 30.5cm x 23cm (12" x 9")
  • Presentation boxed

Lunchtime placemats by Pimpernel, retro café signs pattern

Each Pimpernel placemat has a protective finish ensuring resistance to scuff marks and stains. The edges are sealed with a special technique that prevents the placemats from peeling.

Made from cork and eucalyptus wood grown in environmentally managed forests.

Designed in England by Pimpernel, part of the award winning Portmeirion Group.

Solid, attractive and longlasting. Pimpernel placemats will protect your dining table for years to come.

How to choose the best cork back placemats for lunchtime?

Both in our day to day and in any celebrations we may have, what we want is for everything to look perfect. That is why one of the things that often goes unnoticed and on which we really should pay more attention is the type of cork back placemats we use for lunch. We may think that they are all the same, but for every moment there is a tablemat with a style and decoration that is perfect, and that is what we should be looking for.

What are the advantages of cork back placemats for lunch?

Times are changing and where before a large tablecloth was used for the dining table, today cork back placemats are more often used. Some of the advantages they offer we can highlight here:

- They fit every table and stand out on any of them.

- You can easily change the design depending upon the decor of the table, allowing you to combine them with napkins or centrepieces.

- They are easy to clean, as is the task of setting and clearing the table.

- They take up less of your time, particularly as they do not need to be ironed and are simple to wipe clean.

Cork back placemats for lunchtime

As we have mentioned, the design of cork back placemats for lunchtime can be adjusted to each occasion. It is not the same choosing a tablemat for a formal meal than for Christmas or for a birthday. Tablemats for a formal meal In this event, what is sought is to keep it soft and simple, something that is not too showy. As for the tone of the tablemats, it is a good idea to take into account the time of year and the tone of the occasion.

Tablemats for a casual meal

In these meals in which appetizers such as canapés are more likely, you can use patterned placemats with more striking or daring colours. Setting the table for Christmas dinner In these festive celebrations, the tablemats that are usually chosen are either specific Christmas designs or those that have mainly red and green tones, as well as possibly golden themed decoration.

Tablemats for children’s mealtimes. When a family meal is organised in which there are children, who have their own space at the dining table, then the most suitable cork back placemats for them are the ones that display fun colours and with animal characters shown. We have the best cork back lunchtime placemats. If you are still undecided if Pimpernel Lunchtime placemats are the ones to choose, then you just have to browse through our website for the best cork back placemats for lunch.

And if you have any questions then you can contact us so we can help you find the right design from the wide range of placemats that we have in stock.

Standard size UK placemats 30.5 x 23cm (12 inch x 9 inch)
Set of 6
Rigid Hardboard - Cork backed
Heat resistant
Care Guide
Wipe with a damp cloth. Not dishwasher safe.
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