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Silicone Placemats

Modern and stylish silicone placemats from Images D'Orient. Floppy and funky style of large size tablemats with range of solid colour designs and patterns. The silicone material has a rubbery texture which prevents the placemat from moving or sliding around on the dining table. Matching drinks coasters also available from this very elegant tabletop range.

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Large Silicone placemats and coasters

Flexible mats made from silicone

A modern solution to a traditional problem of protecting your dining table. The stylish silicone placemats are extremely tough and durable making them simple to maintain by just wiping with a damp cloth. Available in a large size in both rectangular and round shapes, covering the dinner plate and allowing for the cutlery to sit alongside the plate and on the silicone placemat.

The silicone material is very flexible and ‘bendy’, always returning to it’s original shape. Supplied in a range of colours to suit your decor, all with a Mediterranean influence which can be seen in the mosaic style patterns forming part of the silicone. Some of the silicone tablemats are simple, single colour designs while others have a fantastic colourful mosaic theme such as can be found in the Sejjadeh Azur silicone tablemats range.

French based Images D'Orient funky placemats

Made by the French based tableware company ‘Images D’Orient’ with a history of producing modern and stylish table accessories. These funky placemats are an attractive and original addition to your dining room or kitchen. Whilst relatively expensive, they are some of the best placemats around, due to their capacity to withstand heavy use and at the same time keep their attractive appearance. This alone makes them worth taking into consideration when searching for restaurant placemats.

With a high tolerance to heat, silicone placemats are heat resistant to about 250C, which covers most dining table scenarios, although putting a pan straight from the oven or hob should be avoided.

Best silicone placemats for restaurants

The resilience of the silicone placemats makes them ideal for use in the catering industry, whether restaurants or care homes, where heavy usage is expected. The ability to quickly wipe clean without damaging the place mats surface, coupled with the durability of the silicone material and the fact that they retain their colour without deteriorating is a strong motive for using these tablemats, such as the Urban Steel silicone tablemats.

We supply these table placemats as sets of two. The silicone coasters, which are thicker than the placemats, are sold in packs of four. Designs like the Urban Grege silicone coasters are great for using as a stand alone accessory and are not affected by moisture or heat. Making them the best drinks coasters when style and functionality is required.

Easy maintenance silicone placemats

Silicone placemats are a basic but ideal accessory that are the perfect decorative choice when it comes to laying our table. They are not only useful, but are a practical option in terms of being very easy to maintain. They are antibacterial and waterproof, so they prevent stains getting onto your table or tablecloth, they just need a quick wipe with a damp cloth and you are ready to go. In addition to the low maintenance benefits of the Images D’Orient silicone placemats, they also blend nicely with the décor of your dining room. This is due to wide selection of solid or neutral colours available in the range, any of which will make your table an example of great taste and give you different options compared to the traditional cork placemats.

So no more boring dining tables, the choice of colours from this range of funky placemats will help you get the most out of your table, whatever the event, or as a perfect day to day choice. The nature of the floppy rubbery silicone material means they do not require any ironing or take more than a couple of minutes long to dry. They are practically impossible to wrinkle meaning they can be quickly and conveniently stored, either rolled up or flat and then put straight into a drawer ready to be used next time.