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Slate Placemats

Slate placemats and coasters in high quality black gift presentation boxes. Made in Scotland by The Just Slate Company each piece is uniquely hand finished and has a soft felt backing to protect your tabletop.

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Just Slate Placemats and coasters

Slate placemats hand crafted in Scotland

Renowned for their high quality, hand crafted slate products which includes a range of slate placemats and coasters. Their slate is all lovingly hand crafted in Scotland and presented in exclusive gift boxes making the Just Slate tableware ideal gifts for all occasions. The range of slate place mats includes round tablemats, square tablemats and the classic rectangular tablemats, as well as round and square slate coasters.

The slate placemats are supplied in gift boxed packs of two. Each slate tablemat is cut from natural slate and the various strata and natural lines are preserved in the slate. Exactly as you would expect from a natural product.

Just Slate Company luxury tableware

Included in the ever expanding range of Just Slate tableware products is an attractive collection of copper placemats and coasters as well as a range of steel placemats. The round copper and steel tablemats are made from stainless steel and have a hand hammered surface with a felt backed base to protect your table. As well as the wide selection of luxury copper and slate placemats, the Just Slate Company make a range of slate trays available through our sister site at

Attractive gift boxed slate placemats

The attractive and aesthetically pleasing gift boxes included with all the Just Slate placemats and tableware products elevate the traditional slate placemats to a level of luxury not normally associated with such rustic products. The simplicity of the tablemats make them perfectly suited for most kitchen or dining room settings. All the slate placemats have been treated with natural oil and are food safe. They can be conveniently wiped clean after use. To maintain the dark natural look of the slate it is a good idea to apply a little olive oil from time to time.

A selection of glass and stainless steel bottle stoppers rounds off the Just Slate product range. These are also gift boxed, with the heart and stag shaped bottle stoppers making both practical and pleasing gift items.

Slate material as a functional and decorative style

Current decoration trends are increasingly being directed by the use of natural resources, where natural stone stands out, and more specifically, slate. Something which is widely used and with greater frequency for decorating dining and kitchen tables. In order to present our fabulous dishes, the decoration of our table needs to inspire a certain amount of harmony and a balance across all the elements of the dining table.

To achieve this, we can enhance the appearance of our dinner plate by displaying them on elegant slate placemats. These individual tablemats made of slate will provide a natural, pure feel coupled with an elegance that will appeal to those chefs looking to wow their dinner guests. If you are looking to entertain your guests and make them feel special, then using slate placemats at your dining table will achieve this objective. They help take care of an important detail, namely the presentation of your table, and makes your guests part of an environment where they will feel comfortable and relaxed.

Slate adapts to every table setting

Slate is a surprisingly versatile material which has place mats in different shapes ranging from round or oval styles to more straight and clean shapes, such as the rectangular slate placemats from Just Slate. The textures and colours can also be varied, from rougher individual table mats through to smoother ones, with light grey tones and a darker black colours.

The adaptability of slate can be attributed to its timeless characteristic, since it adapts to any decorative style and design. From more traditional or rustic environments through to more innovative and modern styles. The slate material is very tolerant against spills as well as being very heat resistant and is not affected by either hot or cold drinks. This prevents our cloth tablecloth or our wooden dining table from being damaged by unwanted accidents.

The slate placemats are also extremely durable as they are made with what is effectively a natural stone. In addition to being quite easy to clean just by wiping them with a damp cloth, we can wash them with soap and water. Although the slate placemats usually have a soft felt backing that protects the dining table from getting scratched and this felt should not be immersed in water. A word of warning, you need to be careful that the slate does not get dropped to the ground as they would likely break. The range of slate placemats, trivets and table runners from The Just Slate Company of Scotland is broad enough to satisfy most personal designs preference.