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Jason Placemats

Jason placemats of New Zealand manufacture a wide range of rigid hardboard placemat sets. The Jason range have a hard, heat sealed durable finish with a hardboard centre and cork backing. Traditional and modern designs include animal, landscape and floral cork backed place mats to look great and protect your dining furniture.

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Cork Backed Jason Placemats

Jason cork backed placemats

Jason place mats of New Zealand manufacture a wide range of contemporary and traditional cork backed tablemats. Jason is a family firm based in New Zealand which started in 1962 and has grown to be a leading manufacturer of table placemats and coasters. Jason now manufacture a wide range of decorative tableware accessories for homes around the world.

The Jason placemats are available in the standard UK size of 29cm x 21.5cm which are packed and shipped as sets of six, such as the Birdsong tablemats. They have matching cork backed coasters which measure 11.5cm x 9.5cm and are sold separately, also as packs of six. Jason also make a large size placemat which can be used just like our standard placemats, UK size, or as table centres. These large tablemats measure 43cm x 29cm and are sold in packs of four.

Construction of Jason placemats

Jason place mats and drinks coasters are made with a cork backed base, a hardboard centre and the top is finished with a hard lacquer surface. The cork base is both durable and relatively soft and is the perfect material for protecting the surface of your table from scratches which could occur with a harder material than cork. The top layer is a hard lacquer which is applied in liquid form and then heated to a very high temperature. The liquid lacquer then dries and forms an extremely hard, protective surface.

This heat-treated surface protects the table placemats design from the wear and tear of daily usage. The middle part of the Jason cork backed placemats is made from wood board sourced from Eucalyptus trees. These hardboard centres comply with strict environmental regulations and the trees are grown on renewable plantations.

Always stylish, Jason tablemats

The diverse range of designs in the Jason tablemats collection includes some of the best placemats for all tastes and dining rooms. Jason have a creative team that continually produces both traditional, such as the Lamerie Lattice tablemats and other on-trend cork placemat designs. Jason is noted for including stylish modern and traditional designs in their range, these can be compared with other quality contemporary placemats which can be found on our site, such as the collection of table mats from Just Slate of Scotland.