Castle Melamine William Morris Mixed set of 6 drinks coasters
  • Castle Melamine William Morris Mixed set of 6 drinks coasters
  • Castle Melamine William Morris Daffodil coasters
  • Castle Melamine William Morris Honeysuckle drinks coaster
  • Strawberry Thief Castle Melamine William Morris floral drinks coaster
  • Seaweed Castle Melamine William Morris drinks coaster
  • Castle Melamine William Morris Larkspur coasters
  • Castle Melamine William Morris Golden Lily drinks coaster

William Morris Coasters, Melamine Mixed Set

Mixed Set of assorted floral William Morris coasters from Castle Melamine.


Pack of 6

Melamine surface, corkbacked base

Matching tablemats available

Size 10cm x 10cm (4" x 4")

Gift boxed

Made in the UK

Mixed Set coasters by William Morris

Multi image set of 6 different floral drinks coasters, UK made.

Classic floral design which can be matched with the William Morris placemats.

Each one of the Castle Melamine drinks coasters has a protective finish ensuring resistance to scuff marks and stains. This timeless pattern of designer coasters is a classic set that works well with many home interiors.

The edges of these William Morris coasters are specially sealed to prevent peeling and the melamine finish is guaranteed for five years.

Popular William Morris coasters

The very popular William Morris floral designs have been used as the main focus for decorative home furnishings since they were first created in the Victorian era as part of the Art and Crafts Movement. With a variety of colours and soft hues of blue, green, red and brown there is something that will look fantastic on a set of William Morris coasters in every room of the house.

Inspired by nature the stylised depictions of flowers and birds, usually as part of a repeating pattern, William Morris design are the perfect choice for wallpapers and textiles and in our case William Morris coasters and placemats. This is due to the timeless feel of the designs with many popular patterns, such as the Golden Lily and Strawberry Thief designs in shades of green and brown, working very well with the colour schemes found in modern home décor.

Melamine coasters with stylish patterns

The set of six William Morris coasters are available here as the mixed version which contains one coaster of each floral pattern, also available on our website are the single design versions which contains a pack of all of the same pattern.

Each coaster features a hard melamine surface which is extremely heat resistant and not only keeps your table surface from getting damaged, but the hard melamine glaze will also keep the pattern print of the William Morris coasters from getting stained or marked. This means the floral pattern will stay fresh for years.

Durable floral William Morris coasters.

The base of each coaster is made from soft cork which serves two purposes, the main one which is prevent the varnished surface of your table from getting scratched and at the same time the cork stops the coaster from sliding around even on quite shiny tabletops.

These stylish William Morris coasters will keep your table free of moisture rings or blemishes caused by spills and the blooming effect which can occur when heat penetrates through the coaster and reaches the varnish of your table. This is because these melamine coasters are heat resistant to over 140C and this stops heat from getting anywhere your tabletop.

10cm x 10cm Square (approx. 4 inch x 4 inch)
Set of 6
Melamine surface, cork backed base
Heat resistant
Care Guide
Wipe with a damp cloth. Not dishwasher safe.
Country of Manufacture
British made