Wrendale Christmas 6 tablemats and 6 coasters pack
  • Wrendale Christmas 6 tablemats and 6 coasters pack

Wrendale Christmas - Set of 6 Placemats and 6 Coasters

Wrendale Christmas animal placemats and coasters, with each table placemat showing a different stylised animal with a subtle festive theme by the artist Hannah Dale. Pack contains six table mats and matching drinks coaster set.


This pack contains


  • Pack of 6 Tablemats + 6 Coasters
  • Rigid hardboard, cork backed
  • Coasters Size 10.5cm x 10.5cm (4"x4")
  • Placemats Size 30.5cm x 23cm (12" x 9")
  • Presentation boxed

Festive Wrendale Christmas placemat and coaster set

Pack contains a festive and stylish set of six cork backed Wrendale Christmas tablemats and six matching drinks coasters by Pimpernel. Each mat depicts a different stylised animal against a white background.

Each placemat and coaster is carefully finished with cork backing to protect your tabletop and has a rigid hardboard centre. The top surface has a heat-sealed protective coating which prevents heat and moisture from damaging the artwork print underneath this top layer.

These festive themed tablemats and coasters are each supplied in their separate Wrendale presentation boxes, making them an ideal choice for gift giving.

The 5mm thickness keeps any possible heat or moisture from getting through to your furniture and at the same time keeping your Wrendale Christmas tablemats and drinks coasters looking fresh and stain free.

The edges have been heat sealed to prevent the surface of the Wrendale-Pimpernel table placemats and drinks coasters from peeling.

Built to withstand temperatures of around 100ºC they comfortably stop hot dinner plates from causing any damage to the surface of your place mats, but it is not recommended to place pans or dishes direct from your hob or oven onto them.

Tablemat size: 30.5cm x 23cm (12"x9")
Coaster size: 10.5cm x 10.5cm (4"x4")
Pack of 6 Placemats + 6 Coasters
Rigid Hardboard - Cork backed
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