Rustic Kitchen Decoration

Creating a rustic kitchen design

Importance of dark and neutral colours

The term “rustic” describes a design that is natural, warm, slightly rough, aged and casual. However, there are several variations of this style, for example, there is a rustic-industrial style that can be described as warm and modern at the same time. Whereas the wooden rustic style is reminiscent of a mountain hut, and that in itself brings with it a certain type of atmosphere. You can also create a French version of this style, which is broadly speaking a combination of stone and wood. For more ideas, keep reading.

Whatever style you opt for, the choice of colours has a big impact on the final results. In a discussion about rustic style, we must focus on its main features, which are dark, earthy and primarily neutral colours. However, there is a difference between these colour features and other naturally earthy elements. The rustic style generates a cooler ambiance, which is why it combines much better with modern furniture.

Rustic details with modern lighting

The most important thing about this style is found in the detail. One of which is don't be afraid of contrast and the other is to emphasize its nostalgia effect and the feeling of originality. However, you should also consider using comfortable materials as we often spend a lot of time in the kitchen. This applies to all types of soft natural textures, such as leather, wool and linen. In this way, you will inject a little spontaneity into your design, but everything will have look like it is meant to be there. This is true whether you opt for artistic paintings or bold architectural details – with a rustic style you won't go wrong.

Even when you've done everything, you're left with lighting, again be boldly brave and play with it. Lighting plays an important role, so take advantage of every opportunity to provide good lighting. For example, you can make the kitchen more elegant or more functional, but by adding large windows, you will bring natural light into the room, this will spice up the rustic style and give it a modern and elegant feel. Where possible you can also add curtains that will bring a feeling of warmth to the kitchen, particularly in the evenings with a touch of candlelight.

darkly lit wooden rustic dining table
sheliving options for a rustic kitchen decor

Wooden beams with natural accessories

When you think of rustic what is the first thing that comes to mind? They are probably rough-hewn beams and natural organic shapes. This style is used when you want to architecturally define the space as rustic, especially when the wood and furniture are left unpolished. For example, wooden beams create the framework of the ceiling and look great when outlining the door. By surrounding the windows, walls and fireplace, if you have one, and if your walls are painted white, then you will create the perfect contrast.

If you don't want to dilute the rustic style of your kitchen and spoil the whole concept, then we suggest using natural accessories as part of the decoration and with those elements that are in everyday use. For example, use specific wooden or rattan bread boxes, baskets and trays. Simple wooden cabinets and shelves will maintain the overall style and keep the emphasis on your rustic credentials. It is important to pay attention to these simple elements as they have a big impact on the decorative style you are looking to achieve.

Bright and modern rustic kitchen decor

If you want to keep an original timeless design, you should use as few modern accessories as possible. Let’s not forget that the rustic style is to make do with what you already have - just like the old days. So where possible it is preferable to improvise by turning wire baskets into lights, and wine bottles into candlestick holders.

Recent decorative trends encourage us to combine traditional elements with contemporary design to create a rustic, but modern décor for a stylish and practical kitchen. Combining natural materials with modern lighting and bold architectural details. In this way, you will make your kitchen into a space that is both glamorous and refined, making a rustic decorative style is ideal for most kitchens.

wooden boards and accessories for a rustic kitchen design