The Best Placemat Designs For Special Events

Finding the best placemat designs for those special events

Looking at how to decorate your special event table?

Do you have to decorate your table for a special event and have absolutely no what kind of placemats to choose? Do not worry, because next you will be able to discover all the types of placemats that exist for those special occasions. Depending on the type of event you are going to celebrate, the placemats will have to match up with the location and the celebration: a Christmas party, a wedding, birthday etc

Types of placemats for special occasions

There are many types of styles and formats of placemats: modern placemats or even a more straightforward design. Below we will show you some of the more eye catching and special designs to choose from.

Floral printed placemats: Floral printed placemats are perfect for outdoor events such as garden weddings or spring events. Floral placemats give the table a feel of freshness and bring a natural colour to the occasion.

Gold or silver placemats: Gold or silver placemats are an ideal option for elegant and sophisticated events such as gala dinners or weddings. Gold and silver add a touch of sparkle and elegance to the table.

Embroidered placemats: Embroidered placemats are a classic and elegant option for special events. The embroidery used in the pattern can be simple or elaborate, depending on the style you want for your table.

Rustic fabric placemats: For outdoor events or in rustic settings, rustic fabric placemats are an excellent choice. These placemats give the table a warm and cosy feel. If you are going to hold an event in a rustic setting, we also suggest contrasting them with a set of Pimpernel placemats, to create an even more special touch.

Placemats with lace: Placemats with lace are elegant and sophisticated, and are another ideal choice for formal events such as weddings or gala dinners. Lace brings a touch of texture and a sense of delicacy to the table.

Christmas-themed placemats: For Christmas dinners, Christmas-themed placemats such as the traditional Spode Christmas Tree design or the Wrendale festive animals theme are an excellent choice.

luxury table setting with green candles and checked tablecloth
rattan placemats and red napkins on beach setting wedding dining table

Why should placemats be in tune with the event being celebrated?

It is very important that the placemats you choose for a celebration go hand in hand with the style of the event, since the decoration of the table is a fundamental factor in creating the atmosphere and the style we are looking to generate. If the placemat is not in harmony with the style of the celebration, it can have a discordant effect and diminish the feeling of consistency in the overall decorative style of our occasion.

For example, if it is a formal and elegant dinner, a placemat with a very striking or colourful design can be out of place, while if it is an outdoor celebration, a rustic placemat or floral motifs would be an excellent choice.

In addition, the style of the placemats can also influence the perception of the guests about the quality of the celebration and the impression they get from it. If the placemats are of low quality or are not in harmony with the rest of the decoration, it can negatively affect the experience of the guests.

Making sure your guests enjoy the special event

In short, the placemats are an important element in the decoration of a dinner table and should be very carefully chosen so that they coordinate with the style of the celebration.

By choosing a suitable placemat, you can significantly improve the look and feel of the celebration, which will make your guests feel more comfortable and contribute to them having a fantastic time at your event.

 framed menu for special dining occasion with white flowers