Creative Tablemats Ideas to Decorate Your Dining Table

Decorate Your Table Creatively With Tablemats

Creative ways to decorate your table

  • Layers: To create a layering effect on the table, use several placemats of different sizes and colours. For example, start with a larger linen tablemat and place a smaller cork backed one on top to give depth to the table.
  • Colours and patterns: Choose placemats with colours and patterns that match your dining table theme. You can opt for a classic, elegant or modern style, depending on your preferences.
  • Textures: Choose placemats with interesting textures, such as embroidery, fabrics or with ornaments. This will add a sense of dimension to the table and make it look much more interesting. In case you want a special visual sort of texture, cork backed placemats are the perfect solution. That’s why we want to present the pimpernel placemats, they offer you lots of designs and sizes so you can choose the one that best suits what you are looking for.
  • Mix and match: Combine different placemats to create a custom table. Don’t be afraid to mix different colours, patterns and textures. If you have various placemats that you like, you can swap them around to change the appearance of the table.
  • Minimalist style: If you prefer a minimalist style, opt for simple placemats in neutral tones, such as white, grey or beige. This elegant and simple option will allow you to decorate the table in a subtle way.
  • Rustic style: If you prefer a rustic style, choose placemats made of natural fibres, such as jute or linen fabric. These tablecloths will give your table a cosy and warm feeling.
  • Theme decoration: If you are celebrating a special occasion, such as Christmas or Halloween, choose placemats that fit the theme of the celebration. For example, The Spode Christmas Tree placemats from Pimpernel or the festive themed Penguin Parade tablemats by Plymouth Pottery.
white candles and flowers on light wooden dining table
wine glasses placed on top of a modern table setting

Napkins and placemats, is their combination important?

If we want our table to have visual harmony, two of the elements that look great when combined are napkins and placemats. Below we will give you a series of ideas and tips to make your napkins and placemats match perfectly.

  • Match colours: If you’re using one-colour napkins, consider using a different one-colour placemats. For example, if your napkins are blue, consider using orange or yellow placemats to create an interesting contrast.
  • Match patterns: If you’re using placemats and napkins with patterns, make sure the patterns complement each other. A simple way to achieve this is to choose a napkin of a solid colour that matches one of the shades or colours of the table mats.
  • Decorative details: Add decorative details to napkins, such as ribbons, flowers, fresh herb sprigs or small bouquets. These details can add a touch of colour and texture to the table, and help create a more welcoming atmosphere.

How to achieve a special look for your table

If you want to give a special touch to the decoration of your table, there is no doubt that putting different candles or a good bouquet of flowers can make the difference but, what can cause a really good impression are the choice of placemats.

When searching you will be able to discover various types of placemats, from modern placemats to themed designs for a special occasion. If you want to have the perfect decoration on your table, then we hope that all the tricks you have read have helped you to create a perfect table setting!

festive table setting with red placemats