White Placemats

Buying guide for white placemats

Neutral placemats for formal dining

If you are thinking of changing the placemats in your house, keep reading because we are going to give you a small guide to buying some white placemats. Forget about not knowing what to take into account in order to have the best tablemats in your home. Surprise your guests with some placemats that fit any decor or theme.

Not every mealtime is the same, so you will definitely need a different set of placemats for each occasion. In case of a formal meal, opt for placemats that are generally neutral or plain and do not have patterns. For business lunches try to make them rectangular and not circular, and for informal meals you can combine patterned tablemats which have striking designs.

Plymouth cream white placemats
Stylish dinner party celebration

White placemats for every occasion

Another aspect that you will need to know is the maintenance of these tablemats to ensure the correct way to care for them. After each use it is important that you wipe them with a damp cloth in this way you will avoid stains from appearing. Either way It is crucial to pay attention to the type of material they are made from, since cleaning a hard melamine placemat is not the same as cleaning a cloth or cotton one.

It is also important that you take care where you store them. Although they are easy to store, they need to be stored somewhere suitable, such as in a dust-free drawer or at least in an environment that is as dry as possible.

When it comes to buying, it is important that you take into account the size, both of the table and the white placemats themselves, so you will not have space issues. Ideally that they are not too large and sit correctly on the table. The shape is another aspect to take into account, and although the most typical are the rectangular ones, there are others that are square or circular, so it is important to again identify the type of table, as well as the type of dining occasion in which we are going to use them.

The best cream or white placemats

If you are looking for cream or white placemats, you just have to take a look through our range and buy the ones you like the most. The cream or white placemats currently available are generally all rectangular, but others can be described as being predominantly white but with, for example, a floral pattern, such as the Plymouth Pottery Spring placemats.

Plymouth Pottery Spring placemats